Travel Photography Tips

For many of us going on holiday is a great opportunity to practice our travel photography and enter a whole new world of subjects for photographs. Below are some tips to help you improve your travel photography and ensure you come home with some better images from your vacation.

Look for Interesting Textures

Foreign places are always full of unfamiliar textures and patterns, that’s part of what makes travel appealing. Seeing new styles or patterns stimulates the senses and can make great photographs.

When you see something you like don’t be afraid to get up close and let it fill the frame. I noticed these tile while in a restaurant in Istanbul. As well as filling the frame rotating the camera at an angle seemed to emphasize the wonderful repetition of the pattern.

Patterned Tiles

Don’t Avoid the Tourist Traps

While you’re wondering though the tourist shops and busy streets it can be easy to switch off thinking you can’t take decent travel photographs in the tourist traps often found in holiday destinations. If you stop to look a little deeper these places often offer the photographer some great images to capture.


Great British Summer

The above shot was taken on a recent holiday in the UK. While walking along the sea wall looking for a quieter stretch of beach I looked down and saw some great characters stretched out worshiping the sun.

Focus on the Food

One of the most interesting parts of traveling the world is experiencing the local food and drinks. Eating and drinking new things is also a great opportunity to photograph them as you go and get some interesting photos that evoke the memories of your travels in the future.

Turkish Coffee

Turish Baklava

Two of the things I likes most about my recent trip to Istanbul were the wonderfully strong Turkish coffee and the sticky sweet baklava pictured above.

Meet The People

The best thing in my view about being a photographer while traveling is that it immediately gives you an easy way to meet and get to know new people.

Meet the People

In my opinion you can’t really experience a new place if you don’t get to know the people that live there. By taking time to meet and talk to the locals you’ll greatly improve your traveling experience as well as getting the opportunity to get some great portrait shots too!

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